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Although I launched a shopping site, sales hardly rise … On the contrary, even if I search on yahoo !, or Google, my home page is not displayed! What is wrong? No matter how much you spend money and using Flash etc, how to create a “cool” home page is like building a shop in Yamazato where people do not live … Anyone will come to see it Hmm.

At our company we will help you create your important website with rich sales experience and thorough search engine measures. By making full use of the know-how in the real stores and the management site that we have actually experienced, we created, operated and managed not the actual results that we have produced only the general homepage but keeping good sales, always assuming keywords with keywords Our strength is the fact that it is displayed on each search engine.

Sales are experienced. We will make net shop which sales professional considers even customer lead · shelf allocation.

Net shop · · · At first glance, it seems to be easy, but in fact, considerable “effort” is needed to increase sales. In “selling products to customers”, there is no change from real stores. For a moment I said threatening things, but please be relieved. We have a professional. Experienced by original retailers, experienced individual shop owner etc … And, after all, in fact, opening and managing the Internet shop in-house, maintaining steady sales “real achievement” We will strongly back up your future online mail order establishment and operation.

The key points of attracting customers are SEO countermeasures (search engine upper display)

Currently, most of the Internet visitors come through search engines. For this reason, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that display the top page in keyword search results are important.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , and if you translate it directly, it becomes “search engine optimization”. In the SEO countermeasure , we optimize the Web page for the purpose of being displayed on the top of search engine search results.

In a word, even if saying measures against SEO , what on earth should we do? … List keywords? Anyway asking for external links? Do you comply with the W3C standard? … Anyway, regardless of the list of keywords, none is a mistake, but there are also various problems. Spam action (act of deceiving search engines), algorithm update etc. I think that it is necessary to comprehensively consider them, create a homepage considering accessibility, and maintain it on a continuous basis.

Search engine sample imageA typical search engine

I would like more people to see the web page!

As mentioned above, most people now come through search engines. Therefore, if it is not displayed in the top of the page in the keyword search result, many people will not see the homepage made by spending time and money with much effort. We want you to shape your feelings “I want to see more!”

I want to make more sales at the net shop!

Be much higher-level display and perform a search engine measures, so that information is transmitted to display a neat page accessibility of the technique will be important. And design easier to use the web page and thought the customer leads usabilityaddition of techniques, and even SEO in and, three techniques, the net shop of your popular restaurant us for a lot of smiles from … to I will help you.

It is expensive and easy! Easy package plan

As much as possible, prepared to reduce the customer’s expense, was carried out SEO measures, the design standard plan you! Choose your favorite design from among several design pattern commercial site packages! Create by fitting the text and product image at a fixed design so, is a bargain than to design from scratch.

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